Blazes and Cairns: September 2017

September is a month grounded in the earth sign of Virgo, a month on the cusp of fall when the seasons begin to change. After the eclipses of August and the fiery and wild energy, it is likely that some things in our lives are different.

It’s likely that we saw something about ourselves or a situation in a new light. Maybe we learned some new information, maybe we had some insight about a pattern we’ve been playing out for awhile and just couldn’t ever get to the bottom of.

Maybe some old trauma came up. Some old hurts. Maybe we lost something–a relationship or job or status or idea we had about ourselves. Whatever it was, it came up because it needed to. Something needed to shift.

September is the month where we begin to make sense of the those shifts and adjust our lives to assimilate them. It’s where we set out on our new course.

The Apprentice of Roots is the perfect energy for our work this month. As I was writing this post, I learned that a synonym for apprentice is “tenderfoot,” and that term captures the newness of things right now perfectly and with such sweetness. It speaks to the uncertainty we might feel–the timidity or literal soreness involved with making change in our lives.

The Apprentice of Roots is seeking stability through the material world and resources. As is the case at the beginning of an apprenticeship, our hands might not be steady. We will probably make mistakes. We might break a thing or two. We have much to learn.

And if we show up with an openness and curiosity, the world will meet us halfway. Even as we are learning new ways of being this month, we can also draw on the resources we already have to hold us steady. Look for the places where there are already root systems in place in your life. Look for the places that are already drawing up nutrients to feed you.

In my own life, the message of eclipse season came through loud and clear: build a foundation. So, that’s what I’m doing. My work in September is to finally settle into the apartment I moved into in May, to slow down, to mind my daily rituals and practices, to find some financial stability. To build a ground beneath myself. Not halfway, not when I have time for it, not when everything else is done–NOW. Because otherwise there’s not anything to build upon.

(I’ve been creating these “blocks” that represent the areas of my life that help keep me grounded and hanging them on my bedroom wall. It’s been a good challenge for me to slow down and think about the things that will keep me rooted. The ways I want to show up for myself instead of expecting the world+others to take care of them for me.)

Use the energy this month to build your own foundation.

Questions for reflection as you move through this month:

  • What has changed in your life over the past month and a half?
  • In what area are you currently apprenticing?
  • What makes up your foundation and keeps you rooted?

Sending you all love in your own learning and building.

With so much gratitude,

P.S. If the need to build a foundation resonates with you and you’d like some support in your process this month, book a free Connection Call with me. In this 30-minute session, we’ll talk about the things you’re currently doing, what’s working and what’s not, and brainstorm some potential next steps. And we’ll connect. Get to know one another. Click here to schedule today.

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Embodiment is radical. Experiencing is radical.
Get practical suggestions for both in your inbox monthly. Sign up below.
Your information stays with me.

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