Blazes and Cairns: October 2017

Moving from the grounded energy of Virgo into the airy sign of Libra this month, October will feel like forward motion again. The 8 of Matches brings vibrant energy with it, and it may feel like our energy is being pulled in multiple directions.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it will help to remember the grounding lessons we learned in September: what foundations did we build last month? What did we let go of in order to lighten our load?

Remember that expansion doesn’t always feel good. We are stretching our hearts and capacities into new territory in October based on what we have been learning and becoming aware of in the past couple of months.

If we find ourselves getting lost in the details this month–caught up in the energy of (forward) movement–take a moment to step back and see the bigger picture. Where are we heading? What are we striving towards? What would your map look like if you were to draw it out?

As I noted in last month’s post, I spent September really focusing on the theme of roots and building a foundation in my life. That’s meant sticking to a daily morning ritual and routine; settling into my apartment; prioritizing basic needs like sleep, food, sex, intimacy, and financial security; and anything else in the service of feeling grounded. Based on all of that, this is what my map for October looks like:
If you have some time today or over the next few days, take a moment to pause and think about where you’re headed this month. And then map it out. Literally. What needs your attention? What are the moving parts right now? What clarity did you recently gain about new ways of interacting or moving forward with them?

Help yourself get organized at the beginning of this month.

Map it out.

It will help with the larger picture when you feel the pull to get caught in the details.

We’re all doing a tremendous amount of work right now (well, not all of us, but those of us committed to being awake). It’s good work. It’s fucking hard work. It’s essential. Let the 8 of Matches keep you moving this month.

With so much gratitude,

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Embodiment is radical. Experiencing is radical.
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Embodiment is radical. Experiencing is radical.
Get practical suggestions for both in your inbox monthly. Sign up below.
Your information stays with me.

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