January 2018 Meditation: Let the Wind Carry You Forward

January 2019 Meditation: Let the Wind Carry You Forward
Card pull: True-heart of Scythes (aka the Page of Swords)

I’ve been talking about Tarot Maps a lot lately—it’s true. Because I love them and think they’re a fantastic tool for concrete change and transformation.

The very first map I ever created for myself had the True-heart of Scythes as part of its path. My starting point was the 10 of Wands and my end point was The Emperor. My query: What is the path to transforming my burnout and exhaustion to taking up space with confidence in my life?

I pulled the True-heart of Scythes in the position that answered this question: Moving forward, how does my behavior need to change?

The affirmation I wrote next to it was: “Let the Wind Carry You Forward.”

At the time I did this particular Tarot Map, I was a week away from leaving a toxic work environment and making one of the most profound shifts in my life I have ever made. Which was to choose my wellness—me—over knowing what came next.

I was choosing to step out of a very harmful and painful pattern I had been playing out for years—namely, that I was responsible for people’s ignorance and shitty behavior—to try something new. It was clear that this way of being was no longer serving me.

Great. But now what?

In all of that newness and unknown, the True-heart of Scythes not only gave me permission—but encouraged me—to dream. They perched next to me as I sat at my writing desk every morning and interrupted with “Oh! What about this exciting idea?! Oh wait! No this thing! Write that down!” And so it went.

I started a work notebook—separate from my journal—where I could keep a list of “Inspired Action, Notes, and Messages” that came up everyday after I meditated. In it, I keep workshop ideas, monthly meditations, conversations with my guides, and sketches. The True-heart of Scythes is the keeper of that notebook.

For those of us who know hard work in our bones, who have maybe more often than not moved from a place of scarcity and insecurity, we need a constant reminder to slow down enough to dream. To let our mind run off in different directions, to be curious, to ask the important questions. To let the wind, in all its whimsical movement, carry us forward.

At the beginning of this New Year, we are ready to move forward. We may not know exactly where we’re headed, we may not know the exact path, but you better believe that we learned a few things during 2018 that we’re bringing with us.

In the True-heart , we are young. We are new. We are still learning. But we certainly aren’t stupid. We’ve got a shit ton to offer. It might be messy, we might make mistakes, but we’ve got the wind on our side. We’ve got movement and ideas and dreams and tenacity.

The energy of the True-heart of Scythes reminds me of when I was first coming out as queer at age 19. I wanted to consume everything possible about queer-related things: media, books, websites, dating sites, campus organizations, people. Everything. I wanted it all. I was so hungry for it. And I was a hot mess in it. Of course I was! I was so new in it.

But I bumbled and fumbled my way through it into the beautiful grown queer I am today, courtesy of the True-heart of Scythes.

This month, let your excitement guide your thoughts, your daydreams, your resolutions, your to-do lists. Be gentle with yourself in the newness of it all, but also trust yourself. Acknowledge what you don’t know, but also acknowledge all that you have to offer.

And when things feel hard, remember: you made it through 2018.

The True-heart of Scythes is here this month to keep you moving forward. Release yourself to the wind.

Questions for reflection as we move through this month:
-What newness in your life are you currently excited about?
-What experience and knowledge do you already have to bring to that situation?
-What practices do you have for allowing yourself to (day)dream and/or get in touch with your creativity?
-How do you stoke and nurture your excitement?

Want more reflection and guidance on how the use the energy of the True-heart of Scythes this month? Listen to my free meditation here or below.

January 2019 Meditation: Let the Wind Carry You Forward

Want more guidance on how to navigate and harness the power of the unknown? Join me for my January 19 workshop, “0. The Fool: Coming Out, Transitioning, and the Constantly Evolving Queer and Trans Self.” Check back for more information about the workshop soon.

With much love and gratitude,

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