July 2019 Meditation: You Are Safe

That might be hard to believe right now. You might think to yourself: I’ve never felt safe in this lifetime. And that’s understandable given all that has happened in your life. You have a litany of reasons to believe that the world is an unsafe place. That people and life are not to be trusted. However: we also know that you remember what it feels like to be full of the light you came into this world with. We know that the feeling of freedom and openness that is your birthright echoes somewhere deep inside of your bones, reverberating through your entire being. To tighten your heart against the world might lead you to believe that you are safe and protected, but it really only leaves you guarded and repelling all of the love and abundance trying to come into your life. It is safe, sweet child, to loosen your grip. Remember that you are own anchor, your own home. Dig deep into your roots and open your arms. So much good is waiting.

Embodiment is radical. Experiencing is radical.
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