August 2019 Meditation: You Are the Creator of Your Story

Do you remember how full of light you were when you were brought into this world? You were radiant and wild and beautiful. Anything was possible. Everything was possible. You were a child who wanted the whole world. Given all that has happened in this human life of yours, it makes sense that your light feels dimmed, weakened. It makes sense that the world seems small and that possibility stretches only as far as you can see with your human eyes. Of course. But we also know that that sense of wonder and desire still lives at the center of your chest. We know that you long to return to the belief that there is something larger, greater, and more expansive awaiting you. We know you want to wrap that belief around you like a blanket. Because it’s true: you can have it all, sweet child. Every single desire. So get clear. Allow yourself to dream about what’s possible. Speak the words. Replace the stories that keep you small and dim. Replace them with your wild radiance. Replace them with this Truth: you deserve it all.

Embodiment is radical. Experiencing is radical.
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