Photo by D. Allen

About grey doolin, M.Ed.
(pronouns: they, them, their)

I have been a healer, seeker, and activist-educator for over 10 years.

My formal training and background is in community counseling where I researched and advocated for affirmative psychotherapeutic practices for LGBTQ+ communities. I hold a master’s degree from Auburn University and completed 6 years of PhD-level coursework and practica at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before realizing that I was meant to pursue a different path. 

I have been a student of tarot and mindfulness practices for 8 years.

Although I have deep gratitude for my formal education, my experiences as a queer- and trans-identified survivor, a recovering Pentecostal, a community member, and a person deeply committed to my own healing has had the most profound impact on the ways I move through the world and serve others.

I bring the following perspectives to my work: I am European American (of primarily Irish and German descent), educated, transmasculine and queer-identified, and able-bodied. I hail from a working class, Midwestern family with Mennonite roots. 

I live and work in Minneapolis where I proudly parent three cats and am a bextie, friend, ally, advocate, and member within a vital queer family and community.