Registration Information: 
Date and time: Sunday, December 15, 4-6pm
Location: Common Roots’ Community Room
2558 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55405
Exchange: $20

Taking the time to review where we’ve been is just as important as looking forward. If we are ready to shift the story we tell about ourselves and the possibilities our lives hold, it’s important to look at the meaning we’re making about what’s transpired. 

It’s just as important to acknowledge the things and moments to be celebrated as it is to witness our challenges and our heartbreaks. It’s important that we see ourselves in our entirety–at the center of our stories–and integrate those visions. This integration serves as the place of power from which we can set our intentions for the upcoming year. 

And don’t we all want to move into the New Year from a place of power?

In this workshop, we’ll be reviewing 2019 and writing our story about it. We’ll be exploring the occasions that are worth mentioning: our biggest celebrations, lessons, and moments of challenge. We’ll be meaning-making. 

We’ll be exploring the questions:
Who am I at the end of this year?
What are the biggest lessons I learned this year? 
How am I different at the end of this year than I was in January? 
What’s the story I want to tell about myself and my life in 2020?
And so many more!

This workshop will help you identify:
-What needs to be celebrated 
-What needs to be named 
-What needs to released 
-What needs to be integrated
-What intentions you want to set for the upcoming year

Components of the workshop include:
-Mindfulness exercises to help ground us and bring us into our bodies
-Self-reflection exercises through writing and creating
-Small/large group discussion/reflection 

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I’ll send you an email to confirm your registration.